Modular Kitchen

We Ashmitha UPVC Interiors give a new look to your traditional kitchen with customized POLYWOOD UPVC modular kitchen options. We create happiness in your dream home with a big kitchen. People who love to eat are always great, we make your eating experience even better and happier with a variety of POLYWOOD UPVC kitchen interior options. POLYWOOD UPVC kitchen is long-lasting, glossy, fire-resistant, and termite resistant. Choose POLYWOOD UPVC modular kitchen interior and make your kitchen the heart of your home.

TV Unit

A spacious living room is always a soul to the entire home and a living room is not complete without entertainment. Make your entertainment more interesting and eye-catchy with a POLYWOOD UPVC TV unit by Ashmitha UPVC Interiors. We offer customized POLYWOOD UPVC TV units to every living room at an affordable price. These POLYWOOD UPVC TV units are long-lasting and make your living room pretty pure.

Bedroom Wardrobe

A great storage option at home is always a wise choice. We at Ashmitha create culture through our outstanding POLYWOOD UPVC interior designs that determine the future of every home. We create every wardrobe with 100% perfection that reflects the choice and lifestyle of hosts. Our expert professionals with top-quality materials offer customized bedroom interiors. Contact us for more details and booking.

Pooja Room

Pooja Room is very special in all houses that are highly customized for the way of worship. Designing your Pooja room with a fusion of ancient and contemporary aesthetics, sacred symbols, idols, and calming colours is important. You should also ensure there is enough storage for religious artifacts and that the space has a calm atmosphere conducive to meditation and devotion. Contact us for more details and booking.

False Ceiling

False ceiling designs can be used across all rooms - best used in living rooms, master bedrooms, kids' bedrooms, dining areas and kitchens. Contact us for more details and booking.

Loft Coverings

A loft is a closed space above your conventional wardrobe where you can store lesser-used items like suitcases, old clothes, spare quilts, boots, and more. Contact us for more details and booking.


Our POLYWOOD UPVC doors provides high sophisticated Doors with comfort requirements in making all your needs to be satisfied. Contact us for more details and booking.


The main advantage of POLYWOOD WPVC doors is their resistance to moisture and humidity.This makes them ideal for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or areas with high humidity levels.Contact us for more details and booking.


POLYWOOD UPVC windows require low maintenance and are easy to clean. They are also lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and secure.Contact us for more details and booking.

What We Offer for Caring

Benefits of POLYWOOD UPVC Interiors

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Environment Friendly
  • Fire Safe
  • Sound Proof
  • Highly Durable
  • Free From Termite
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Customization